The megalodon was easily one of the most fearsome and terrifying sea-creature! This ancient super-predator went extinct about 2.6 million years ago during the Pliocene and words like scary or even terrifying are superlatives that aren’t enough to describe this bad boy’s reputation. But you might be in for a surprise cuz there are actually other sea monsters much scarier and meaner than the Meg itself! Enough of the suspense now and let’s get right into these horrifying monsters of the deep, even scarier than the mighty Megalodon!

10) Basilosaurus
9) Jaekelopterus rhenaniae
8) Mauisaurus
7) Giant Stingray
6) Dunkleosteus
5) Kronosaurus
4) Helicoprion
3) Livyatan melvillei
2) Tylosaurus
1) Liopleurodon

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