So, you’ve been a fan of Godzilla and all the other monsters in his world for a very long time. And like any other goji fan, you probably have a habit of searching for new updates and monsters on the daily. Perhaps more so cuz you “ab-so-lute-ly” can’t wait to watch the Godzilla vs Kong movie, just like most of us here of course. So yeah! We’re basically on the same boat. But then— doesn’t that make you wonder which Godzilla monster is the most popular among the goji community? Well, I don’t know about you but we were curious, so lets find out….

9) Destoroyah – 16,300 weekly searches

8) Anguirus – 20,000 average weekly searches

7) Gigan – 33,100 average weekly searches

6) MechaGodzilla – 45,700 average weekly searches

5) Rodan with 89,200 average weekly searches

4) King Ghidorah with 98,000 average weekly searches

3) Mothra – 130,000 average weekly searches

2) King Kong, or simply KONG.” With a total of 846,000 average weekly searches

1) Godzilla, averaging a total of 1,880,000 weekly searches on Google.

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